I Will Run For Food

So Pump threw down the gauntlet this morning and passed me up on the fitbit leader board. I am not one to be intimidated by 10 mile running, rapid foot turn over speed demons, so I knew I had to get motivated and get my step count back up.

I went to the Stone Arch Bridge Art and Music Festival this afternoon with the fam. It was hot, humid and very sticky, but we walked about 2 miles and salivated over all the terrible fair-style foods. My resolve was strong today and I did not give in to temptation.

After dinner I ran 2.54 miles on the dreadmill. That was just enough to squeak past Pump in the standings. It may be a very short lived victory, but at least temporarily I am on top ;) What ever it takes to stay motivated, right?

  1. tallmormon said: I’m on your team!
  2. keepgoinggreen said: Killing it over there!
  3. runningwithpump said: I knew my lead wouldn’t last. You’re way too impressive!
  4. run-doozer-run said: Y’all are beasts!
  5. marinemindset said: thank you for making me look like a lazy bum! :)
  6. iwillrunforfood posted this
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