I Will Run For Food

About a month ago, a half marathon went right past our house. It was in support of the local nature center in our town. It is only about a mile from where we live. So today, Little Mister and I finally went to check it out.

I am so glad we did. This place is amazing! So quiet and beautiful. The trails are all dirt. No roots, very few rocks. Absolutely perfect for running. The terrain was a little too bumpy to run over with the stroller, so today we walked. I can’t wait to come back and run. 95% of the perimeter trail was shaded so it will be great on hot, sunny days.

I’ve said it before, but I am so lucky to live in such a gorgeous place where outdoor spaces are so well taken care of and trails are so abundant!

We walked 3.31 miles in just over an hour.

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  3. goingnowhereforfun said: Urban Wildland Half. I ran that a couple of years ago on a horribly humid morning. I picked it specifically because it goes right past my Grandma’s house by Richfield Lake Park. Wood Lake Nature Center is a great little spot.
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