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Going North: Part 2 (read part 1 here).

After we finished our hike on the Superior trail and drank all the water we could find, we hit the road again for Grand Marais.

Grand Marais is the last stop before heading up the Gunflint Trail to the BWCAW. It’s a harbor town protected by a lighthouse and volcanic rock formations. You can walk out onto the rocks if you’re careful. We spent about an hour exploring and eventually made our way out to the point. We sat there in silence and just listened to the waves crash as the sun went down.

You can watch a 30 second video of the waves here.

Even though we were only gone a few days. We saw a lot of beautiful things. Walked a lot of miles and spent 95% of our time outside. That’s the way a vacation should always be. Back to your regularly scheduled training posts tomorrow.

1. 5 layer chocolate pie at Betty’s Pies.

2. Volcanic rock in Grand Marais.

3. On the rocks in Grand Marais.

4. Lake Superior.

5. Sea wall in Grand Marais.

6. Tettegouche State Park.

7. Sunset on Madeleine Island.

8. Suspension bridge over a waterfall in Tettegouche.

  1. tumblingoffthecouch said: It is so freakin’ gorgeous up there!
  2. sarahspeaksnow said: Ahhh! I have been to 1, 4, 6 & 8!!! So rad. I miss Betty’s! Yum. :)
  3. nowforthefunpart said: Oh man, I love the North Shore. And Betty’s Pies! This is almost cruel. But in a really good way.
  4. iwillrunforfood posted this
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