I Will Run For Food

I am completely drooling over the new Garmin 620. I love the redesign and the new features. Then I looked at the price. Holy hell! I think I’ll be waiting awhile before I buy it.

I am currently using the 610. It still works great, however, the watch back has become corroded over the years from my sweat (nasty!). It’s starting to discolor my skin and leaving a small rash behind. Any suggestions on how to fix/prevent that from happening? I probably need to start wearing a wristband underneath, but am open to other ideas.

  1. shufflingalong said: Is that metal? The back of mine is plastic but I just got it in June. Go figure they release a new one. Maybe you can get a plastic replacement part??
  2. sleepruneatrepeat said: I didn’t think you had that very long…I wouldn’t think it should be doing that. You should call Garmin.
  3. runningfortheriesling said: I second the clear nail polish. I have metal allergies and coat any metal that comes in contact with my skin with it. Works well.
  4. runningforbiscuits said: I have a metal allergy and get a rash anytime metal comes in contact with skin. Clear nail polish is the way to go. I put it on my belt buckles, watches, pants button, Road ID, everything. It will make the rash stop.
  5. ironphenix said: maybe coat it with clear finger nail polish?
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